The Birth of Vivi: A Birth Story turned Fresh 48 session turned Lifestyle Newborn session


January 16, 2020


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“Hi Nicole, I found your work online and I am obsessed!! You’re amazing!”

I knew Lynsey and I would hit it off the moment I read her email. ?

She had reached out because she was looking for someone to photograph the birth of her first baby, a little girl. I have had the best luck with my clients, and Lynsey was no different — she was warm and sweet and funny. I was so excited when she booked me and was waiting patiently for “the call” when I got a text from her 10 days early! From there, the text messages went a little something like this: 

“I think my water broke, heading to the hospital.”

”I’m being admitted. Contractions are strong. I’ll keep you posted.”

”Well that escalated quickly, I had an emergency c-section! The baby is good and healthy and beautiful!”

And this all happened in the span of a couple of hours! Come to find out, little Miss Vivi’s heart rate kept dropping every time mama had a contraction, so the doctor decided a c-section was the safest route to take. While they were delivering her, they also noticed that she was breech! What the doctor thought was her head was actually her bum. As Lynsey described it, she was “folded up like a lawn chair!”, so it was a blessing in disguise that a c-section was needed. I was bummed to not be able to capture her birth, but so relieved that mom and baby were doing well! I offered to do a Fresh 48 session instead, but recovery from a c-section is no joke, so we decided to let mama rest and do an in-home lifestyle newborn session instead. Y’ALL. Things have a way of working out because Miss Vivi’s nursery was EVERYTHING. And Lynsey, Ryan, and Vivi are a magazine-worthy gorgeous family on top of it! Keep scrolling and see for yourself. ?

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  1. Chad says:

    omg God bless her heart, she looks so cute…Congrats 🙂

  2. Renee says:

    WOW! These are gorgeous Nicole!! And that nursery! Holy Pinterest Inspiration Batman!!! Amazing!!!! Congrats to Mama on the birth of such a healthy beautiful little bundle of sunshine…

  3. Cristina Petrini says:

    When photos can tell more than a thousand words and convey all the love of a family. Magical.

  4. h says:

    Oh my goodness! I love everything about this photoshoot! The decor is stunning and so perfect. This brought me back so many great memories.

  5. Ashley says:

    AWWWW my daughters name is Vivienne and we call he Vivi sometimes. What a wonderful addition to the family.

    • Nicole Bertrand says:

      You want to hear something strange?? This baby’s name (first AND middle) is the EXACT name of my 1 year old niece!

  6. says:

    Oh I don’t disagree at all that that nursery is TO DIE FOR! I wish I was able to give my kids that kind of space! Stunning! Crazy that the doctors weren’t able to tell the position of the baby; that’s a little wild! Wishing mom a very smooth recovery and a warm journey into motherhood!

  7. I find capturing newborn and birth photography is something so wonderful as they will get to cherish and keep this for the rest of their lives. Your photos are amazing and you are so gifted

  8. Wow, these photos are absolutely stunning! I love how you have captured those sweet, beautiful fam moments in your camera ☺ You are amazing!

  9. Jasmine M says:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Their baby is beautiful. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and a wonderful parenthood!

  10. Louise says:

    Aww, bless her heart! You managed to capture some absolutely stunning shots though. I bet both you and Lynsey were over the moon with them 🙂

    Louise x

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