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June 12, 2019


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I was invited to my first home birth when Sam was pretty far along in her pregnancy (37 weeks). I met her at a coffee shop a few days later so that we could meet each other in person, discuss how her pregnancy was progressing and review her birth plan. During our consult I learned that this was Sam’s second baby (big brother Oakland was almost 2 years old) and she had had an unmedicated first birth at a local birth center. Her labor was long and hard and I could tell that she was already unsure if she could do it again, but the fact that she had powered through a long, hard, unmedicated birth the first time around told me just how strong she was! 

I got the call three weeks later at 5:30 in the morning that Sam had gone into labor and was 5cm dilated. When I arrived at the house I was surprised to see 3 midwives, 1 doula and Sam’s husband, Tate, there. It was a full house filled with beautiful birth support! It had been ~90 minutes since I got that first call, and by the time I arrived, Sam had progressed to 9cm dilated…where she stayed for 4 hours! She handled each contraction like a champ and got into a rhythm in between where she would do a lap around the house and then go directly into the arms of Tate, her doula, or one of her midwives for someone to hold onto while she contracted. 

Sam wanted to have a water birth, her doula had told me earlier that she labored better out of the tub during her first birth, and as luck would have it, that stayed true for birth #2. When her labor were getting really intense, Sam decided to go into her birthing tub to deliver. But again, the contractions weakened a bit and her doula and midwives suggested that she change positions. She tried a few and then decided to stand and that’s where she remained until her baby was born. This warrior mama gave birth squatting. She was incredible and birthed her baby beautifully. 

Baby Brycen Hayes was born at 11:51, weighed 8 lbs 8 oz, and was 21.5 inches long. Welcome to the world Hayes and congratulations Sam, Tate, and Oakland! Thank you for letting me capture this once in a lifetime moment for you! 

  1. Stacie says:

    Oh wow. These photos are so powerful. I’ve never seen such candid birth shots before. They’re usually watered down and edited. These are just so moving and real.

  2. Chad says:

    omg CONGRATULATIONS. I can’t get enough of thes photos, they are so impressive and expressive, wow..Thanks for sharing.

  3. Arya says:

    Love the vulnerability of this post and pictures. What a truly magical moment to capture. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Garf says:

    These photos are beautiful. I have yet to experience all these but am looking forward to the pain during birth. I think the baby is all worth it

  5. Wow, I love these photos and I love how they tell such a beautiful story! You are so strong and deserve all the best! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Sam says:

    Wow, these are such candid shots. They’re so raw and emotional. I bet photographing a birth like this is an experience like any other.

  7. Alexandra Cook says:

    One of the loveliest post I have ever seen. This reminds me of giving birth to my eldest. Stunning photos

  8. Amy says:

    I really can’t still imagine the pain of giving birth. Beautiful photos indeed. Every moment was perfectly captured.

    • Nicole Bertrand says:

      It’s a pain like no other…but it’s fleeting, and then you have the most precious gift and a love you have never experienced.

  9. Wow these are some powerful pictures. Congratulations to the new parents and glad baby made it safely.

  10. Courthey says:

    Omg what a story!!! I just love hearing people’s experiences with child birth! No two stories are the same

  11. Fay D says:

    Absolutely beautiful, real and raw photographs. You’ve captured some really incredibly delicate moments here, love it 🙂

  12. These photos are so amazing ? I can imagine the struggle she went through during that birth process! She is strong and beautiful ❤

    • Nicole Bertrand says:

      Right?? And she didn’t think she was strong at all. I love that these images will show her that she is!

  13. Heather says:

    You perfectly captured every emotion we have when we give birth. These are memories the family will always cherish.

  14. Cristina Petrini says:

    There are those who are impressed by the photos of a birth, but why? It is the most natural thing that exists and I love the delicacy with which this has been documented.

  15. kumamonjeng says:

    What a great story and I have a good read. Great photography too, well captured and it should be good memories!

  16. Chad says:

    I don’t know what to say!!! I am literally speechless!!! Stunning, amazing, powerful, empowering, i really don’t know what to say wow!!!

  17. Lyosha says:

    that is such a sweet story! I am planning/working on becoming a mom now, your story is even more precious to me. Hope it’ll bring me luck

  18. Sue Tanya says:

    These pictures are so beautiful. You really captured the moment here. I can’t wait to become a mother so I can experience this.

  19. Ashley Rollins says:

    I think that birth is so beautiful! These are so raw and gorgeous. Congratulations mama.

  20. What a powerful moment for the momma. The process of birth is such an amazing thing.

  21. Lisa says:

    Your photography is so moving. I really felt I was there with the couple. Many congratulations to them both!

  22. Catherine says:

    Such an incredible moment in time. You’ve captured it beautiful. Well done.

  23. Marysa says:

    What a beautiful birth experience. Very moving, you can really get a sense of how intense the moments were.

  24. jasmine says:

    beautiful capturing of this moment. thanks for sharing!

  25. Joyce says:

    Always the most intense yet rewarding pain every woman experience and it truly is very magical.

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