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July 27, 2023


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When it comes capturing the precious memories before the birth of your new baby, having the perfect maternity dresses for your photoshoot are a must. I’ve gotten lots of questions for help finding the perfect ones and it’s why I would like to share my favorite shops for maternity dresses. Use this list to help you choose the perfect dresses for your next maternity shoot.

When is the best time to book maternity photos?

Before deciding to go maternity dress shopping, you may be wondering the best time to book a maternity photo shoot in the first place. Every photographer has their suggestions and preferences, but for most, the window can be found between 30 and 36 weeks (or 7 to 8 months).

At this stage of your pregnancy, your belly is most likely round and popping out enough to create some beautiful and creative pictures. Another reason why this is a good time to take your maternity photos is because you are less likely to feel tired and too heavy to move around a lot.

Although every pregnancy is different, you can’t go wrong with choosing the 30 to 36 week timeframe for taking your baby bump pictures. 

What should I wear for my maternity photoshoot?

This is going to be based solely on personal preference, but as what’s highlighted in this post, maternity dresses are some of the go-to pieces of attire to wear. You can find a number of styles, colors, and just about any clothing type to suit your individual needs.

Many moms find dresses most compatible because they can easily accommodate your size and shape regardless of how big or small you are. There are also different dress types such as maxi style that cover the entire body or split style which typically has an opening for the belly to show.

If you plan on going a more natural route, you may want to wear something sheer or lingerie-like. And if you want to try a milk bath, you can also wear a maternity dress or just a bra and underwear. The choice is yours!

My Favorite Shops for Maternity Dresses

There are so many amazing shops that offer a beautiful variety of maternity dresses and below are my top picks.

Baltic Born

Once you take one good look at Baltic Born, you’ll see why it’s one of my favorite shops to recommend. There are plenty of styles and options to look through and you can conveniently shop by season, color, and “bump friendly.” There’s also a coupon available for joining their email list (which can come in handy)!

Pink Blush Maternity

This is a shop solely dedicated to all things maternity, so no need to worry about purchasing something too small or too big. The clothes are stylish and the prices are very reasonable. They will surely help you feel stylish while pregnant and even beyond. 


This is a popular shop for men and women both, but one search for the word maternity and you’ll see lots of cute options to choose from. Whether you want to go for an active look for your maternity shoot or a cute flower dress, this shop has you covered.


Chic, elegant, boho, and trendy are the best ways I can describe this popular Etsy shop. It is stocked full of handmade gowns, dresses, chiffon styles, and more. This is truly a beautiful store that will help you not only feel good about yourself but also help you have no worries that you’ll take some amazing maternity photos.

Flutter Dresses 

If you are wanting to have an elegant maternity shoot, FlutterDresses is sure to have a dress for you. This particular shop reminds me of a mix of Victorian and Boho type of themes combined. There are a lot of dresses that offer sheer looks, ruffles, sequins, and pearls.


Bohemian, spring meadow, cinderella, and off-the-shoulder are the primary looks for dresses in this shop. The colors gravitate more toward earthy tones which are beautiful for any skin complexion. These dresses can also be worn for other special occasions like baby showers, birthday parties, and long after you’ve had your precious baby.


Amazon is always a great place to shop for maternity dresses. Just be sure to read the descriptions thoroughly so you know exactly what you are ordering and from where. Sometimes what is pictured may not always be what you get so it also helps to read reviews as well. It also helps to search for exactly what you want (i.e. maternity dresses, v-neck tulle maternity dresses, lace maternity dresses, etc.).

Final Thoughts

As you plan for you maternity shoot, keep these shops and ideas in mind. Try not to get overwhelmed and know that whatever you choose will be perfect. Also, don’t hesitate to get your photographer involved in the process. We can help you decide on more than just the perfect pose!

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