The birth of Amelia: The story of a birth plan diverted


January 29, 2020


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Oh births…they’re just so unpredictable! And you know what else is unpredictable? Birth plans. They are great to have to remind an expectant mom of what she would like to happen in the best of circumstances, but 99% of the time, the birth plan is altered at some point during labor…if not thrown out altogether!

Allison was due with her first baby on July 15th (put the emphasis on FIRST baby). I had plans to be on vacation in RI until the 14th, but I was confident the baby would be late. But just to make sure I had my bases covered, I scheduled a backup photographer to be on-call during the days I was away. As luck would have it I got a call from Allison’s doula, Megan, as we were driving through Baltimore. She told me that Allison was in labor and she had already contacted my backup to let her know as well! In case you were wondering, Charlotte is 7 hours away from Baltimore. SEVEN. HOURS. Luckily Allison was delivering at Natural Beginnings in Statesville, so I was really only 6 hours away. 😂

A couple of hours later, I got an update that they were heading to the birthing center. Not too long after that I got a call that she had been examined and was not as far along as she had hoped (the midwife suspected prodromal labor), so she was being sent home. But she had been contracting for DAYS and was exhausted, so instead of heading home she headed to the hospital, which was NOT part of her birth plan.

The good news (for me) was that Allison’s labor stalled a bit and I was able to make it home with plenty of time to spare. The bad news (for Allison) is that her labor had stalled and she was still exhausted, so the midwife gave her some pitocin to get things moving, which was also not part of her birth plan. Neither was the epidural that followed shortly thereafter. But you know what WAS part of her birth plan? Delivering a beautiful, healthy baby girl. And you know what else? When I asked Allison if, looking back, she would have done anything differently, she responded, “Not a thing.” So my advice to expectant moms is to absolutely write that birth plan and share it with your birth team…but try and be flexible so that when changes to the birth plan inevitably happen, you can still look back at your birth with joy and not disappointment.

Congratulations on delivering a beautiful baby girl, mama! Amelia is a doll!

Baby Amelia
Monday, July 15th @9:58pm
8lbs. 9oz., 21” long

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