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February 26, 2020


fresh 48 and newborn


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When my friend Jamie told me she was pregnant and asked me to capture her baby boy’s first hours with a Fresh 48 session, of course I said “YES!”. Jamie is the mom to two exuberant, fun-loving, passionate little girls, and she was thrilled when she found out their family would be rounded out with the addition of a little boy. She approached his arrival and this Fresh 48 session the way she does with most other things — excitement and joy (I wonder where her girls get it!?). She was also super sentimental about this birth and her Fresh 48 because, as she put it, “My due date is exactly one week prior to losing James’ grandfather and my cousin last November. Which was obviously a horrible time that I was not looking forward to this year. And now we have this blessing coming instead of complete sorrow.”  To pay tribute to her husband’s grandfather and her cousin, we added a few mementos to the session — a ring from James’s grandfather and a favorite shirt of Jamie’s cousin. <3  I loved so many things about this Fresh 48 — the pure joy shown by Jamie and James, the pure excitement the girls had to meet their baby brother, and the pure love that enveloped baby Asher that day…and every day since!

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